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Why should I use a REALTOR® to sell my home?

Did you know that last year visitors to spent over 36 million hours searching the MLS® website for properties? And that only a REALTOR® can list your home on the national Multiple Listing Service?

There are five basic areas where a licensed REALTOR® provides value and protection to sellers. The first and most important benefit is correct pricing for the market. If the market is very active, then the price should reflect demand so the homeowner recieves the best possible price. On the other hand, if the market is slow then pricing should reflect the homeowner’s desire to move by a certain date.

When you use our services your home is marketed through a syndicated network of websites so it will appear in hundreds of places on the Internet. Your home will recieve the widest possible exposure with professional photography, multimedia, and a professional marketing program.

We’ll help you decide which offers should receive an appropriate and timely response. At that point, we begin negotiating on your behalf to obtain a price that is acceptable to both parties. And, when the offer is accepted, we continue to work for you, coordinating the arrangements and overseeing the process.